Zach Koss
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Product Personas

Identifying Drip's ideal users for their Business Development team


Drip's Business Development (sales) team needed identify the ideal user of the product they were selling. The main objective was to increase the teams empathy for the people they speak with everyday. It was also meant to increase potential customer engagement.

Led by the Product Marketer, this project included inputs from our Business Development, Customer Success and Marketing teams. My role was to assist the product marketer in user research and lead the design and delivery of the final personas. 

Product Personas

User Research

To understand our potential customers we worked with the Customer Success team to learn more about our current customers. We reviewed implementation calls and support tickets to identify who uses our software and how they use it. 

Questions asked:

  • Who are Drip's users?
  • What roles do they have in their companies?
  • What are their potential titles?
  • What may be on their mind?
  • What do they like?
  • How tech savvy are they?
  • What's their marketing automation prowess?
  • What decision factors do they consider when making a software purchase?
  • What are their overall goals?
Product Personas

Initial sketch


After examining these questions our copy writer distilled our findings into a handful of possible personas. Referencing these, I was able to sketch out initial ideas. This helped us: 

  • Consider the amount of personas we have/need
  • Explore various deliverable formats
  • Test various aesthetics and layouts
Product Personas

Preliminary concepts

Mock ups & Iterations

After presenting initial sketches, the business development representatives requested the final personas in PDF format.  This format was selected for its usability and timeliness. 

I then began creating mock ups for review. There were three rounds of iterations and reviews.


The final personas were presented to the entire company and received positive feedback. The Business Development team was satisfied and began utilizing them immediately.  Including input from the Customer Success team directly contributed to the success of this project. Future opportunities include: 

  • Generating more product personas
  • Using different formats to increase interactivity
  • Building a centralized database of user data for entire company