Zach Koss
Designer | Creative | Leader

Shopify App Store

Design experience for Drip's Shopify app store profile

Shopify App Store

Sketches & Research

The Shopify app store's profiles have many graphic components. As such, I sketched the entire experience following research and review of competitor profiles. This process achieved the following:

  • Mapped the entire profile experience
  • Identified graphic placement and specifications
  • Helped aesthetic ideation
  • Identified opportunities to outperform competition

Shopify App Store


One challenge we faced was that Shopify's approval process didn't allow for testing graphics in the app store. To keep a holistic perspective, I built a mock up of the app store profile environment in Sketch. This allowed for testing the profile as the end user would experience it. Several iterations of graphics were created for reviews and testing. 

Motion Graphics

During research I noticed that many competitors didn't include a video on their profiles. We opted to leverage this opportunity and produce a video. I designed motion graphics in collaboration with our videographer to help highlight the many ecommerce features of Drip. 

Shopify App Store

Media gallery graphics highlighting ecommerce features

Shopify App Store

See Drip in the app store!

After weeks of iterations, meetings and a review by the app store, our profile was live! We received positive feedback from both new and current customers. We were also quickly selected as a Shopify staff pick, which featured us on the app store home page for several weeks.