Zach Koss

Designer | Creative | Leader

I approach design with a deep appreciation for user perspectives. My aim is to help people and provide memorable experiences. I enjoy researching, collaborating and using wit to create unique design solutions. 

Hello! My name is Zach and I'm a designer with extensive experience in graphics, web and UX.  When I'm not designing, I can be found kicking it with my family. We're usually cooking, having a dance party or exploring the world on bikes. 

Kind Words

"Zach did an incredible job as a Graphic Designer on my team, working collaboratively and as a solo self-starter in the design trenches every single day. Zach was always up to the task, being extremely thoughtful on the quality and impact of his design work. He asks the right questions, is able to pivot quickly, communicates well, and is a top notch team-player, all while delivering the highest quality design work."     - R. K - Manager at Drip

"Zach is an excellent designer and a joy to work with. He brought a really unique perspective to Drip’s design organization as a whole, and was eager to take on both UI challenges and marketing design tasks."     - B.R. - Colleague at Drip

"Zach is a down to earth and genuine person to work with....he adds a great amount of value to the team by showing the end user he can relate to them. Zach will go above and beyond in any situation he is asked."     - M.F. - Colleague at Siteimprove